5 important things to pack when visiting off the grid land

When visiting land off the grid, most think it will be a walk in the park. And, most of the time it will. But, we still can’t forget why we have shows like “I shouldn’t be alive” or “survivor Man”. Well, because accidents happen and simple planning can create big mistakes. These five items on this list may seem like a no brainer, but trust me, they get over looked when trekking through the wilderness. 

Paper Maps:
With smart phones, we feel like we can conquer the world! Google maps and the compass app can make anyone feel like Lewis and Clark, but what if that phone dies or it loses service? Well, this is where the good ole paper map comes in! With paper maps, you’ll have a backup map just in case your phone dies or you lose service. 

You always need a back up plan for when your phone acts up! Which is why a compass would be a wise tool to bring when exploring the wilderness. That, combined with a paper map could help even the most novice of explorers find safety. 

The most important thing to sustain human life except the air itself. Don’t ever overlook water! Without water, exhaustion and fatigue set in faster and that’ll make getting out of the wilderness a whole lot worse.

JUST IN CASE you get lost. One of these two items will be very handy in getting you noticed. A whistle is way more effective than yelping help due to the fact that it requires less energy to do and its sound travels further.

Charged Phone:
Last but of course not least, you’ll need a charged phone. When out in the wilderness a charged phone is always good to have so you can contact others about your current whereabouts and status. With all of the new technology, you can also send your location to your friends (just in case you get lost)