A Hidden Beauty

Today at my job, I was requested to go to Oklahoma to take pictures of property and assist our land developer. I thought to myself, “Ehh, Oklahoma…well at least it’s not a day in the office.” After a 3 hour drive and tons of snacks, we arrived in a small town named Wilburton, where everything closes before 10pm. Wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but it was still  interesting to say the least. 

It’s about 9am, it’s a little chilly, and we’re just arriving to the property. We get the side-by-side off the trailer and get the camera prepared for our long day of photos, now the fun will begin. The first part of our day was spent driving the side-by-side throughout the mountain, finding the markers of different tracts (and doing donuts when we had the chance). This job ended up being harder than expected due to the amount of tracts we had to complete. Also, the wild boars and deer lurking in the woods by us keep us on our toes,  which made the job longer. 

It’s now about 2pm, we just got done with lunch, and we wanted to go check out this so called “party spot” in the mountain  that the locals told us about. This is where things get interesting...