How to Build a Raised Garden

1.Find spot for plot.
-Find sunny area (most plants need sunlight to thrive).
-Make sure the area drains well (Avoid hard surfaces like concrete).

2.Build raised bed
-Use 4x4 posts; preferably cedar because it resists rot.
-Interlock corners then nail, screw, or caulk the wood together.

3.Line the wooden plot 
-Use mesh wire, biodegradable landscape fabric
or even news paper to line the plot. This helps prevent weeds from taking over garden. One bonus about the mesh wire is that it will allow worms into your garden without allowing the weeds in. 

4. Mix fertilizer with compost and apply it over the fabric/mesh , filling the plot until it’s a few inches from the top.

5.Start planting
-Keep soil loose around the plants (to allow water to reach the plant’s roots).
-Learn what grows best in your environment.
-Don't forget to water! 
-Add some earthworms to the mix to enrich the soil