Tips for Staying Warm

Winter has finally arrived! Along with pumpkin spiced goods, holiday music, and gift giving.. there's cold weather! Here are a few tips to stay warm when out in the wilderness. 

Go outside Warm: 

When you go outside warm, there will already be body heat to conserve beneath your jacket rather than mustering up warmth through activity to keep in. 

Always keep dry: 

If the water is on your skin when it evaporates, it absorbs heat from your skin to do so. Transferring that heat to the water means there's less heat in the source, so it gets cooler. 

Keep Neck, hands, and feet warm:

These extremities release the most heat and can also help regulate body temperature. Keep them covered, keep them warm! 

Take off layers if you start to sweat:

Sweating does signify that you’re warm, but when you’re in the cold, that sweat will make your clothes wet and can speed up onset of hypothermia. So, if you start sweating, take of your jacket and cool off. (Sounds odd to say in 12 degree weather.)

Avoid sitting on things:

Sitting on surfaces like the rocks and the ground can take the heat from your body. If you have to sit on the ground, try to pull up some leaves to sit on for insulation.