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Montana Land For Sale

Montana represents the untamed, the wild, the natural. Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks are starting points. Between the parks lie mountains that don’t have names yet, in ranges you’ve never heard of. Scattered in their valleys, you’ll find small towns full of friendly locals sharing the unexpected and even maybe their huckleberry pie. We invite you to explore the parks and all the places in between.

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These properties are currently sold out entirely. Every once in a while, a property may come back on the market due to a foreclosure. If you'd like to be informed if a property becomes available again, please let us know.

Musselshell County

Musselshell County, Montana

Musselshell County was named for the Musselshell River that runs through the county and town of Roundup. This area of Montana has numerous recreational opportunties including miles and miles of off road and ATV trails.