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Nevada Land For Sale

Nevada is located in a mountain region that includes both semi arid grass lands and sandy deserts. Strap on your hat and pull on your boots for a visit to northern Nevada’s Cowboy Country, where jeans are the fashion norm and nobody stands on ceremony. In this region, Old West hospitality is the rule.

Elko County

Elko, Nevada

When you discover Elko, Nevada, you quickly see why this truly is the “Great American West”. The raw majesty of Elko County's Ruby Mountains and the rugged canyon streams will let you discover the unspoiled drama of the West.

  • 1.03 to 633.00 Acres
  • Starting at $3,750
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Humboldt County

Humboldt County, Nevada

Humboldt County is the dream location in Nevada providing the perfect peaceful off grid location with breathtaking views.

  • 40.01 to 640.00 Acres
  • Starting at $0
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