The property is covered in great trees, not brush and shrubbery like some others you may find. This property has not been developed or cleared. It is however, surrounded by a small community so all of the roads are well maintained and 2wd access is possible, however in some seasons a 4wd will be required. The road is of dirt construction and unmaintained to keep the beauty of this area and nature. The lot has a small creek that runs along the southeastern boundary of the lot. It is a wet weather creek, so may not always have water in it. Lot is rather flat, but slopes slightly to the east towards the creek, just a gradual descent. Tall trees scatter the property and numerous rock formations abound in this area and onto this tract. There is a cabin next door and a power line on that property. If you are looking for great little rugged spot to camp, setup a camper to enjoy the woods or build a small cabin; than you've found the perfect spot here in the Kiamichi Mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma.

Note: We don’t have tract specific photos, these are from the general area around this piece of land.

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