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Stone Creek

Oklahoma Land For Sale in Latimer County

Located in the beautiful San Bois Mountains Northeast of Wilburton, Oklahoma in Latimer County, Stone Creek offers a variety of different terrain features to fit your recreational needs. Many of these tracts are bordering secluded terrain and feature rugged topography that should be a great sanctuary for the deer, turkeys and bear that are in this area. Several of the tracts have ponds and wet weather creeks, and this area receives 50 inches of rainfall annually so water shouldn't be a problem. If you like to hike or rock climb there is even an area with a sheer rock face and this whole area would be great for hiking. All of these tracts would be great for ATV or horseback trail riding, and the surrounding area is just full of recreational possibilities; whether its exploring Robbers Cave State Park or the winter trout fishing on Fourche Maline River, just west of Wilburton.

Latimer County is known as big deer country and this property is positioned right in the middle of some unbelievable mountains. Robbers Cave State Park simply borders Stone Creek to the north, which is a very beautiful and well known park made famous for its mysterious caves being a hideout for the outlaws Jesse James and Belle Starr. This park is a favorite of rappellers, equestrians, hikers and outdoorsmen of all likes. It spans over 8000 acres and consists of 3 lakes and many creeks. The park offers its visitors acres of discovery and enjoyment including, but not limited to, trout fishing in season, boating, hunting, mountain biking, trails for hikers and horses, sandstone cliffs for climbing and rappelling, and endless scenic views

Stone Creek Tract Layout

Stone Creek is split into phases, select one below to learn more

Stone Creek Phase I

Latimer County, Oklahoma

Phase I offers a wide variety of terrain options and great views of the public lake within Stone Creek! This side is great for building and/or camping as it much more mild in elevation. All tracts will have access to the 45 acre public lake!
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Stone Creek Phase II

Latimer County, Oklahoma

Phase II is a great mixture of what Phases I and III have to offer with many great views, plenty of creek frontage lots, and several options with different terrain! All tracts will have access to the 45 acre public lake!
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Stone Creek Phase III

Latimer County, Oklahoma

Phase III consists of more rugged terrain with the beautiful stone cliffs and formations. There are also many ponds and wet weather creeks throughout, which attracts a great amount of wildlife prevalent to the area. All tracts will have access to the 45 acre public lake!
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