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Properties Coming Soon

We are excited to announce new properties coming up! We have been working hard to get these properties ready. From the rolling hills in Missouri, to the hollers in Kentucky, we will have something for everyone!
Tennessee - Benton County
Red Barn Ranch
Red Barn Ranch 64 tracts / From 5 to 13 acres
Red Barn Ranch is located in Sugar Tree, Tennessee hugging part of HWY 40. This gorgeous parcel of land has plenty of variations of land such as heavily dense trees, smaller cleared sections, elevation, seasonal creeks and paved road frontage in certain sections.
Tennessee - Henderson County
Twin Rivers
Twin Rivers 37 tracts / From 5 to 8 acres
This parcel of land is located just 4 miles southwest of Lexington and 20 miles east of Jackson, Tennessee. Throughout this property there are sections of timbered land as well as sections of dense trees with variant elevation changes.
Tennessee - Decatur County
Whetstone Pines
Whetstone Pines 6 tracts / From 5 to 9 acres
Located 18 miles southeast of Lexington, Tennessee, this parcel of land is dense with planted pine trees from 2001 and natural hardwoods. There is paved road frontage along Babe Eason Road.
Tennessee - Decatur County
Pine Ridge
Pine Ridge 12 tracts / From 5 to 7 acres
This property is located 9 miles north of Parsons, Tennessee. Throughout the property, pine trees planted from 1971 to 2013 are abundant along with other natural hardwoods. There is also paved road frontage along Balom Hayes Road for easy access.
Missouri - Shannon County
O'Connor Crossing
O'Connor Crossing 43 tracts / From 5 to 10 acres
O’ Connor Crossing is beautiful mixture of land that consist of pastures and dense trees complimented by a variety of flat and elevated terrain. Located just 22 miles southeast of Mountain View, Missouri, O’Connor Crossing is far enough to enjoy the peacefulness of nature, but the convenience of nearby towns.
Oklahoma - Pittsburg County
Painted Horse
Painted Horse 58 tracts / From 5 to 9 acres
Painted Horse is located just 24 miles southeast of McAlester, Oklahoma. This property is balanced mixture of open fields, slight elevations and dense sections of trees overlooking the beautiful Oklahoma countryside.
Texas - Red River County
Wishing Star Ranch
Wishing Star Ranch 99 tracts / From 5 to 11 acres
Wishing Star Ranch is a gorgeous parcel of land located just 5 miles east of Clarksville and 36 miles east of Paris, Texas. This property has plenty of open fields where cattle roamed as well as an abundant section of planted pine trees. Paved road frontage is available on the north side of Wishing Star Ranch on HWY 82.