Owner Financing

Owner Financing

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One of the many things that makes Classic Country Land, LLC stand out from the rest is our owner financing! In other words we (the owners, no middlemen here!) can provide you with hassle free financing. It is all handled 100% in house here, with no credit checks or the typical headaches related to dealing with banks.

Buying land can be a great investment, but if you don’t have the credit or can’t afford the down payment, then getting a loan through bank is not likely an option for you.

So how does owner financing work?
In short, when you find a property you like and decide you want it, give us a call. We will help you on getting your payments to something that works for you as our terms are very flexible. Once the pricing and financing terms are figured out, we will send you a contract for deed to sign, and once both sides have signed it, you’re free to use your land however you want while making payments to us. It really is that easy!

How do I qualify for owner financing?
You’re qualified! We don’t perform any background or credit checks. We approve everyone and don’t discriminate.

What type of down payment do you require for financing?
We requre a minimum down payment of $199 unless otherwise noted.

What is your interest rate?
Rates vary on different packages available catering to those who put a larger down payment. Our basic interest rate is 10.99%

Don’t need financing?
We offer a 20% cash discount!