California Pines Hill Unit 3, Lot 29

California Pines Hill Unit 3, Lot 29

0.92 acres in California Pines

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This lot is located within Hill Unit 3 along Corral Road. The tract is fairly flat with a gradual rise to the east from the road frontage on Corral. This tract is medium to heavy cover with towering mature pine trees. This lot would be perfect for recreational or residential use.

California Pines Hill Units Fact Sheet:

Seven miles south of the Lake Units are the Hill Units. The elevation in the Hill Units varies from 5,000 to 6,400 feet. The Hill Units cover an area of 20,000 acres, which are almost all covered with pine trees. The Hill Units have three stocked trout ponds and three campgrounds. The main paved road runs through Hill Units 1 through 3, with Hill Units 4 and 5 having all gravel and cinder roads. The secondary roads in Hill Units 1 through 3 are also gravel and cinders. The power line runs along the main road (California Pines Blvd) through all the Hill Units, ending two-thirds of the way through Unit 5. There is thirty-five miles between the lower Lake Units to the outer edge of the Hill Units.